Taking Fashion to Bed

Taking Fashion to Bed - AMLEX

Hey ladies! Do you know that feeling of just wanting to take off that bra and wig and jump in the bed after a long day at work? Well, there are no rules when it comes to clothing in bed.

While some ladies will opt-out from wearing sleepwear, one thing is for sure - people need proper bed clothing, as there are many health benefits.

We have a perfect offering of Pyjamas sets that are both comfortable and good-looking as well. They are cost-effective and suitable for indoors and outdoors. They are not just comfortable but a fashion trend now. You can choose from a variety of Pyjamas that fit your everyday outfit. You can play around with different colors and get an elite aesthetic look without compromising quality and budget. Plus, the breathable fabric will keep you cool at night, making these pyjamas your perfect bedtime partner.

Here are our top picks from our sit

1. Heather PJ Set, $50.99

Let’s talk about how you can style ‘Heather PJ Set’ outdoor, shall we? These pyjamas are too chic to be just worn indoors. Sleepwear in public has become a significant trend. I’m sure you have seen some celebrities wear their pyjamas outdoor. 

Here are tips on how to style our pyjamas set together and separately.

Heather matching bottoms and top are the ultimate picks for a dinner date that turns into an overnight event. I will pair these with a black pump and a long coat—our “Gabriella fur coat” for that extra chic look.  

You can also style our pyjama shirt with denim jeans and style the bottom with your favorite graphic tee. Wearing your pyjamas in public is not only comfortable, convenient, but stylish.

2. Imma PJ Set, $40.99

These stylish sets of Pyjamas are designed in a way that they are appealing with a wide range of colors and ultra-soft silky material which makes them ideal for indoor use.


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