Stay Casual, stay confident, “The Perfect clothing for remote working.”

Stay Casual, stay confident, “The Perfect clothing for remote working.” - AMLEX

Working from home has several advantages; you get to travel less, stay comfortable at your place, and have more autonomy with higher productivity. But some things always create a difference between home and office. These include working time, having a mix of personal and professional life, distractions, and above all is the motivation to get out of bed and start working.

 Another primary concern for remote workers is appropriate dressing, keeping in mind both professional and personal environment. Wearing clothes that are too relaxed more towards the personal life is usually not suitable for the working environment, and you also cannot wear a suit in your home. So, what should you wear? 


We have a wide range of loungewear suitable for official and personal use; they are casual, relaxed, and give a comfy feeling while being the best part of your work look. 

Lounge wears are not just limited to remote working or personal use; they are also perfect for outdoor use. You can wear loungewear while going for a walk or a casual drink with friends.

 Loungewear is ideal for indoor clothing, and with a bit of touch, they add an exquisite touch to your personality. As organizations are now encouraging distance and remote working, most of us are spending time indoors, and we need a clothing line that is both comfortable and appropriate.  

  Here are our top picks from the site

1. Olive Two Piece Set, $45.99

Super stylish, comfortable, and comes in a set. High waisted pants with a cropped top, and long sleeves with front zip.

1. Celina Tie and Dye Loungewear $30.99

Comes in two colors - Blue and Pink. Highly breathable, super comfy and stylish. Very comfortable as home loungewear, stepping out for quick errands or getting brunch with friends.


Taking Fashion to Bed - AMLEX
Taking Fashion to Bed

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